Anti-Racism & Anti-Defamation Alliance -

Anti-Racism & Anti-Defamation Alliance –

Discrimination & Racism Can Lead to Genocide

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Anti-Racism & Anti-Defamation Alliance –

When discrimination against some people goes beyond control it could lead to one of the largest genocide which happened during the 20th century; “The Holocaust” in which millions of people were systematically murdered. The largest group to be affected was the Jewish People, with 6 million Jews losing their lives. However, in addition to these terrible racism facts, the Nazis also slaughtered members of several other ethnic groups, such as Slavs and Gypsies. They also targeted groups based on their political beliefs, such as communists; their national affiliations, such as Soviet Prisoners of War; and their sexuality, as in the case of homosexuals. The mentally and physically disabled were also targeted. Overall, approximately 11 million people lost their lives in this genocide, making it one of history’s most extreme examples of state-sanctioned racial and ethnic persecution.

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