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About Anti-Racism and Anti-Defamation Alliance (ARADA)
Anti-Racism and Anti-Defamation Alliance (ARADA) is a registered non-profit organization (501(c)3 status pending) that is dedicated to fighting against racism and defamation across the globe. We fight against racism and defamation that affects people, groups and organizations. We are open to any and all individuals and groups who share our vision and those who have been directly or indirectly affected by racism and defamation.

We have no affiliations based on race, religion, politics, religion, ethnicity, or otherwise. We welcome partnerships with anyone who shares our vision.

We research various topics and issues related to racism and defamation in order to educate the public and raise awareness. We address issues such as hate crimes, internet or cyber bullying, bigotry, and human and civil rights violations.

We invoke a novel approach to anti-racism and anti-defamation advocacy by applying recommendations from our network of leading researchers in the field. Two areas of particular focus are: 1) the psychological effects that racism has on children and 2) the economic roots of racism.
We have the following news sites related to human rights and news sites:

We seek a world free of racism and defamation; a world where everyone is seen and treated as equals and with the utmost respect.

ARADA’s mission is to bring people together to help put an end to racism and defamation. We will inform and educate by conducting research to bring issues to light. We will form partnerships through various networks and the use of media to achieve our goals.

In our efforts to create partnerships with like-minded persons to end racism and defamation, to defend various democratic ideals and ensure the protection of the human and civil rights of all; we maintain the following core values:
Integrity: We will conduct all research and all efforts to fight racism and defamation with the utmost level of integrity and professionalism. We will maintain transparency and conduct our operations with honesty and pride.
Diversity: We believe that the fight against racism and defamation is a fight that must include everyone, so ARADA will maintain a diverse staff and champion issues that affect people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, etc. We will always welcome all who are willing to fight racism and defamation.
Respect and Humility: We believe that every individual has value, so we will treat all with the utmost respect. We also believe that humility is a key to service so we will remain humble in our efforts to fight racism and defamation and to serve underserved and underrepresented individuals and communities.
Empathy: We will conduct our work with a constant level of empathy for those who suffer racial and defamatory injustices even when they are different than ones we may have personally encountered. We believe that all people are connected and have certain traits that allow us to be compassionate to all human life.
Open-Mindedness: Because we are an organization made up of individuals and groups from all walks of life, we will maintain open-minds as we devise strategies and implement policies to fight racism and defamation. We welcome those with different views on how best to effectuate change in society and are open to trying new methods of fighting systematic injustice.

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